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This is the ministry of Reverend Ramah Rao of Tsunduru, a village in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The work he and his ministry team have done in spreading the Word of God to some of the most unlikely people of the most impoverished places in the world is amazing. Three arms of ministry: While pastoring The Church of The Almighty God and overseeing operations of Needs Ministries and Charitable Organization as its President, he has also taken on leadership positions with other Christian organizations to see that the social and personal as well as spiritual needs of the people in the community are met. Mannava Foundation is a Charitable Trust, Serving poor people in all ways to help, strengthen, motivate and supply basic needs.
We have 5 Churches in hand, We have one Church established among fully Hindu Community where 27 converters were baptized and still growing up day by day with new Hindu people into the Christianity. Shepherding Church among Hindu Community, Working for Souls for the Expansion of the Kingdom.
Mannava Foundation
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Phone:+91 9441077674
National best Social Service, UNESCO CLUB for 2017
Issuing authority: All the best Arts Academy, HYD
Issued date: and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued Apr 2014 No Expiration Date
Credential IdentifierCredential ID Govt, Regd, No. 62/2005

State Best Social Service, 2013
Issuing authority: The Famous News, Vizac
Credential IdentifierCredential ID Govt. Memo No. 1520, Regd No. 162

Honor date: 2006.  Honor issuer: UNESCO INTERNATIONAL
Honor description: We have received two Awards from the UNESCO INTERNATIONAL as the best social worker for the year regarding best caring and feeding Orphans and aged Widows.
Greetings All, At this juncture, I take this opportunity in the capacity as a servant of God as well as responsible social worker, as a privilege and honor for me for being introduced myself by the call given by the Lord Jesus Christ, I was being done yeoman gospel service and to a some extent social services for the poor people concern in the society here in India, for the last 26 years together with Faith and Trust on our respective ministry "NEEDS MINISTRIES AND CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION", & Mannava Foundation behalf with utmost commitment and determination.

Dr. Ramah Rao recieved his M.A(Sociology), Industrial Training Institute (Electrical) in the academic line, in regard to spiritual aspect, Diploma in Bible Theology, Pastor Training and also completed 32 Bible correspondence courses.

After being selected for state Government jobs five consecutive times, “but, for the sake of Lords' work, I had myself solely relinquished these five jobs and from that time onwards. I have totally submitted my entire life for the Lord's service. My predominant goal and motive will be to do the yeoman Gospel service, through my strenuous and hectic efforts, many more perishing souls have to be saved and most obviously, on humanitarian grounds, I had myself strongly decided to do some community development services for the Destitute Children, Poor Widows welfare, Old aged women welfare and HIV/AIDS effected and inflicted people.“
History of the Ministry - Reverend Ramah Rao
Mannava Foundation - Many accreditations and honors