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Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus! I am Dr. D.R. Swarna Latha and here is an introduction to our Mission Society in Vissakoderu, Andhra Pradesh, India.  
We noticed that stray incidents of service will not be sufficient to meet the people’s needs. So we started brooding over the idea of starting an organization “St. John’s Welfare Society”.The Society is established for helping the poor in the poorest. It is showing GOD’s Love for all the people without any inequality in caste, greedy, color, poor and rich. As is told above my thoughts have begun to take shape. It materialized into “St. John’s welfare society” in the year 2001, 4thJune. Though slowly the light began to spread and with a year by year we got the society registered on 5thJune, 2002. Ever since it is established into a registered one, we started a school to develop the intellectual faculties of the poor children. We thought that only education will not help the children with the ethical side of their lives. So, on Sundays we stated to feed the children with the ethical standards through Sunday school. In order to boost the spiritual lives of the people around, we started ministerial work also. To say in short, we began to look to the educational needs of the children as well as the spiritual needs of the people.
St. John`s Welfare Societies
Aims of our Society
1.To proclaim and spread the word of God for all.
2. To provide education those who are poor in the poorest children.
3. To establish homes for Orphan and semi-orphan Children.
4. To establish for old age and widows homes for who are in the poor.
5 To protect Leprosy patients with Christ love
6. To provide medical help whenever necessary.
7. To protect peace in India.

In addition, we cater to other needs like clothing, medical and other social necessities as well. The mission has several arms and the funding needs are great!

Mission Arms:
St. Johns English Medium School (0-10th grade)
St. Johns Children´s Home
St. Johns Health Care Centre
St. Johns Holy Trinity Ministries (Worship Services, Sunday school & evangelism)
St. Johns Old age Widows and Disabled People Home
St. Johns Leprosy  Care Centre
Dr.D.R.Swarna latha did post graduation in English, Philosophy, and Psychology. She did her B.Ed. to enter into a profession of educating the poor masses. She also did the Ph.D degree in theology to servant of Lord Jesus Christ also studied law. In spite of her academic qualifications the hidden desire for social service had surfaced and paved flue away for starting the St. John’s welfare Society. She has been born in service. Her qualifications must take us to the steps of successful social service. She could see the needy people around us in our surroundings. The lord Jesus Christ came into the world to serve and HE serve many causes. As a believed in Christ she would pleasantly accept to serve as a hand to HIM her qualification derived from service. She noticed that stray incidents of service will not stuff to meet the people’s needs. So she stated brooding over the idea of starting St. John’s Welfare Society. Please pray to God and give support. We need your help from your side. I thank you on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Contact us for more information about this mission and please go to our giving and donation page to give to this ministry.

To contact the Mission directly use the information below:

Tel: +91-9440426091