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Last fifteen years back,the Lord has spoken in my heart for the Kutia people while I was working with Kandh Hill Baptist Mission. Lord gave me special burden for Kutia people. I saw their living standard pathetic and no accessibilities to Govt. Schemes and provisions. From that day onwards I kept on praying for them and put my interest to do the ministry independently among kutia communities. Meanwhile in 2007 brother Teilang had come to kandhamal, Odisha, also he went to Kutia people and visited their area. By seeing them brother Teilang was so much touched. He has a special burden for Kutia people. Besides the ministry l was doing health camps and educational activities with the cooperation of brother Ajit, sunil and his wife among kutia people. Through health camp we could able share the gospel to. Once again brother Teilang was came to Odisha state in Sept 2010, and visited Kutia people.

We are really thankful to our Lord for his immense blessing that he has done in last ten years of time. At present we have planted thirteen house churches in Belghar and Kotagarh areas. In some churches there is a Sunday schools, youth meetings, women’s fasting prayer cells. They also coming together regularly for Lords supper and holistic ministry. Now altogether we the six people, Ajit, sunil, prabhat, Dibakar and Santarani and me, are doing the ministry among Kutia people. Praise God that now they are increased to three hundred seventy believers in our thirteen house churches and growing steady. We are praying to God that more people may add in His Kingdom for the glory of God. Thank you very much for your open heart and standing with us in our Kutia ministry and also extending your prayers and kind supports.
Children and Youth Evangelistic Association
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SANTOSH. missionary CYEA Odisha
I’m greeting you in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I am Santosh Nayak from Kandhamal, Raikia ; Orissa , India . My calling is Serves and reach  to our people ( Khandhamal )   I am engaged in two fields among the tribal of Khandhamal,(Orissa)
I am engaged in  Social ministries and spiritual ministries that:
1. Human Rights awareness. 2. I am telling people about different policy of  the government  3. Traditional Agriculture development. 4. Discipling the tribal s and people group. 5. Church unity and  ministry. 6. Youth & Children ministry. So I request you to pray,  God will supply our every need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. I pray,  God use me with you. thank you.
The Odisha state is one of the most tribal populated states of India. There are 13 Primitive Tribal Groups in Odisha. They are most backward indigenous ethnic group. Among them Kutia Tribe is mostly settled in our Kandhamal district in Katagarh and Tumudibandh blocks. The Govt. and Non Govt. Organizations are working for their development since long, but fruits of development have been not reflected. All kutia people are living under below poverty lines. As their habitation is in deep forests, the living standard is very poor without any access to health, education, communication and economic activities. They are the nature worshipers. They call their God as DHARANI PENU, means God of Earth. The love of our living God is least known to them.
Start of Mission & Work
Kutia Kandha Ministry in Odisha, Background